Reusing Candle Wax – 4 Exciting New Concepts

Reuse Candle Wax - 4 Exciting New Concepts

What about reusing candle wax? Candles are useful to keep us out of the darkness. They have been doing so right from their inception. Even in the present age, the primary objective of the candles is to light our surroundings. Thus, whether we are tossing amidst festivities or sitting helplessly in the dark, candles light us up almost instantly.

Lighting a candle and using it is not difficult, but the leftover wax where you plant the candle is a mess. Moreover, scraping and throwing the whole thing is what seems more feasible for you. However, on second thought, you could be merely wasting the candle wax this way.

Reusing Candle Wax – Unique Ways

We might not sound convincing, but if you are in the habit of throwing your stubs of remaining candles or the wax collected, then dump it! Moreover, you would be surprised to know the number of ways you can reuse them.

Reusing Candle Wax – 4 Exciting New Concepts

Candle wax collects dirtily at the corner of your table or your floor. However, it is amazing how you can use them in a range of astounding ways.

If you are wondering how to reuse candle wax, then, scroll down to check a handful of ways.

Make Your Candles

You might have used a couple of candles but know that you can use all the remaining wax to create new ones. Moreover, you can make them your way.

So, the next time, do not hesitate to preserve all the wax that a candle leaves and make new candles of different shapes and sizes, just as you want.

Silence Your Nasty Door

You might have been annoyed by your squeaking door all these while. However, it is not difficult to get rid of the distressing sound. Your preserved wax can also come in handy here.

Yes, the candle wax works even better than WD-40 to mute a screeching door. To do this, you need to open your door by the hinges. Then, you have to rub the candle wax all over them. Moreover, this way, you can make them smooth with an additional layer of wax which will prevent the doors from screeching.

Reusing Candle Wax – Create DIY Wine Corks

There might be an endless collection of candle buds all over your house but don’t fuss about them because you can use them anyway as wine corks.

Reusing Candle Wax – 4 Exciting New Concepts

If that confuses you, then try it once. You can just take a candle end in a glass vessel and heat it for three seconds in a microwave oven. Now, once it heats up and is soft to touch, place it on your wine bottle so that it sticks in.

Note: It is best to take a candle end which is around an inch tall. You can get the best cork fit with them.

A Fine Resting Place For Your Pins

Many a time it happens with the wick of the candles that they slide off or are not there right out of the shop. In most of such cases, we throw them away altogether. However, it is surprising how you can stick pins in them, keeping them in shape and pointier.

So, rise and shine with all of these new ways to recycle candle wax. For more ideas on reusing candle wax, stay tuned to us!

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